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Nicola is an 80-year-old man in tip-top shape. He is the family’s backbone. Every morning, whether It’s rainy or sunny, you can find him walking through our property. Great seller with a strong personality and naturally optimistic. He is creative and full of initiatives. His greatest satisfaction is seeing all of us working together in the same farm. Nicola and his wife Anna who, after working for many years in the countryside today is a full-time grandmother, are Federico’s parents. He is our Chef and runs the farmhouse with his wife Marianna. He’s humble, generous and always in a good mood. Ardent supporter of politeness, patience and hard work.


Quirino and Antonietta

Quirino was Nicola’s brother, the other founding member of our farm. They had their own tasks and responsibilities: Nicola was in charge of public relations and negotiations while Quirino was responsible for agricultural production. He used to employ the most innovative and sophisticated machinery in order to facilitate the work. His wife, Antonietta is a modern grandmother of five who prefer to keep working in the countryside rather than enjoying her retirement. You can find her picking vegetable in our kitchen garden, cutting grass or trimming flowerbeds or in the kitchen making pici pasta and baking cakes for our guests.
We call her “our handywoman”. She has one son and two daughters: Alessio, Elena and Alessandra.


Alessio is the youngest even if he’s 40 years old. When he was a child he was the family little brat, always looking for trouble and spiteful. Luckily he has grown up and today he’s one of the most serious persons in our farm. He constantly repeats this sentence: “I always get the worst jobs”. Of course this is not true and we make fun of him. He’s responsible for selling our products, supported by our restless Nicola, who believes that his grandson is still “too young” to work alone. We remind you once again that Nicola is 40 years old and he has also a beautiful daughter, Giulia, and a lovely wife who always supports him, Claudia.



Then there is Elena, our “clockwork”, always on time and accurate. Her best weapon is her professionalism. For many years she was in charge of the HR department, she organized tasks and she found the material we needed. Then, unfortunately, for health-related reasons, she had to give up on the manual labor and she joined the back office staff. Actually, this task is not something new to her because she used to help her sister Alessandra taking care of paperwork in order to support her. Elena, unlike her brother Alessio, is a half-empty glass kind of person but the results she obtains always exceed our expectations.


Last but not least, Alessandra started working in the countryside a long time ago. Then she took the opportunity to work in the back office replacing Nicola. So, she started taking care of the administrative part of the farm. She is a friendly and always smiling person, meticulous as the role she plays. She is also in charge of the HR department, task that as we already said is not easy especially in such a dynamic workplace. That is why her sister Elena’s help is an important professional and moral support not only for her but for the farm itself.



Like any family there are ups and downs, thanks God we have learned how to communicate with each other and compare our positive and negative opinions. Well, you can rest easy because happy moments go for more. Even if we see each other and eat together every single day, we cannot miss our family Sunday lunch. Guess how many people are we? Well, 14!
What can we say...? We are looking forward to hosting you in order to share with you what we do best.

The beauty of the countryside can be admired every season of the year. Take a piece of advice and do not miss out three memorable spectacles of nature: the blossoming of pear trees in March/April, the pear harvesting in July/August and the harvesting in September/October.

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