La Rocca farm

La Rocca Farm was founded in the early 70’s thanks to the hard work, great skills and intuition of the two La Rocca brothers, Quirino and Nicola.
They set up their business with a small plot of land.

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About our work...

Working in the countryside is hard and sometimes seasons can be against men will but thanks to La Rocca brothers’ strength, bravery, but also the course of time and the results they obtained it was possible to start this 400 hectare amazing Farm. Today we, sons and daughters, run this business. Since we were kids we have always loved farming and land produce. Over the years we have always kept up with market volatility adapting our products to people preferences and needs. We started off as tobacco and pepper producers, then we moved to tomatoes and melons for industrial production and, finally, today we grow pears, grape, aglione, durum and soft wheat, corn derived from biomass, cabbage, potatoes and other vegetable. Our farmhouse strengths are our strong family ties and large team. Many employees have been working with us for 18 years proving that one of our main targets is a peaceful workplace. Well, working with many people is not always easy, but our parents Nicola and Quirino taught us respect and loyalty.


Ethics and product quality

The way we work aims to preserve biodiversity, precondition and fundamental of agriculture, because we use ecosystem services such as soil and water conservation, maintenance of soil fertility and other organisms. All considered essential for human well-being. Basically, with our work we have to meet the present generation needs and leave it untouched for future generation.
Our concept is a constantly growing farm that monitors market trends and focuses not only on product quality but also on great quantity.

Our values:
transparency, hospitality, availability, accuracy, loyalty, innovation and punctuality.

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